Oh, don’t worry, it’s definitely gonna come back in a minute once it realises that the coin isn’t eatable. ..Yeah. Definitely. Also whoah, 50 pages! And it only took like.. o-one year and six months.. Whooops Still, all things considered, this is kinda awesome, considering I’ve never tried to do a project of this scope before, then I’m super glad that it’s come this far, haha! Or, as Serene rudely wanted me to say; “thanks to you for being here for 50 pages but mostly thanks to me for drawing them.” …Yep. Still, plenty of more pages to come, like, at least a HUNDRED, and at maximum like a bajillkion pages! So many pages~ Actually, speaking of drawing, maybe I should make some new cool official Sidequest Story arts for the Extras page! How about that, any of you awesome readers out there got any suggestions or requests? Lemme know in the comments! And in the meantime, seeya all next update, this… Sunday??