Damn it! It was ages since I last saved!

Weeeeeeehh, here’s another guest comic for some reason!

This fantastic one is made by the awesome duo, Brad and Leslie, the writer and artist, respectively, of the recently started but going strong comic of Blaster Nation! If you like tissue boxes, dogs and naked chicks, but not the three things combined, then you should definitely click that link right there and check out their page, and if you’re too lazy to go back to click the previous link again then you can always click this one right here: www.BlasterNation.com

They’re some great guys and I even owe them a guest strip, but I’ve been in kind of an art/stress situation lately, so I haven’t gotten as much work done as I’d have wanted to, which I hope I can resolve, but let’s not go into much details with that. Just gonna say that the break is probably gonna last a bit longer, but there are still a few guest comics to go to keep y’all entertained for a bit~

Reminds me, I was checking the site’s statistics and I saw that people were still people dropping by here every day, it’s really motivating to see, and I’d hate to let anybody down.. But yeah, situations change and stuff, and we’ll see how it might affect the site a tiny bit too, but don’t worry too much about it! Enjoy this great guest comic and look forward to the next one, next Sunday!