Hey there peoples! Check it OUT, a new page! I sure have been waiting to draw these panels~! (But then again, I’ve been thinking that about a lot of pages recently, haha.)

This is probably one of the more advanced poses I’ve done in a while or something, it’s nice to get pushed further by the requirements of this comic~! I feel like the other panels are too static, though, when compared. And there’s some slightly boring angles/poses too, but I’m slowly starting to get a feel for how I should do this, so let’s hope this’ll show in future pages, ehehe~

Also, I’ve now added a tiny link/copyright thing at the bottom of each page, this bastard here thanks the friendly anon from /co/ who pointed out the lack of such things! Shoutouts/props to that guy! You’re the guy, guy! Aww yeah!!

But yeah, in case you’re a Terrible Person who doesn’t check the news on the frontpage regularly, then I’ll just point you in the direction of the links at the top of the page, as the Media page’s got some new contents, and also point your attention to the +1 button on the left side there, it’s this new fancy Google thing, basically a Like button but made by Google so it’s totally not an idea stolen from Facebook, yeah!! Anyway just click it to help us out here >:V

In other news, you should check out Rip Chord and Blaster Nation‘s latest pages! Not just because they’re great webcomics and my affiliation with them secretly forces me to plug them, but see if you can find the references to Sidequest Story in their pages!
A big thumbs-up to you guys for that, I’d reference other comics like that too, but the setting of this comic doesn’t really allow for me to do that very subtly, ahaha~

Let’s see, what else, what else… Oh, right, there’s a New Thing for this comic coming up sometime in the upcoming days, so check back regularly to find out what it is~!

And laaaaastly, if my internets connection allows for it, then I’ll be doing some livestreaming for most of the day!
And for people unknown to the concept, then it’s basically recording whatever happens on my screen for people to see live and chat about. And in this case, then I’ll be drawing a bunch of things live!
The only thing I’ve got planned so far is to work on that one Wallpaper I promised peoples, but who knows what else I’ll end up doodling and drawing too?!
Either way, check it out here, it’ll be up and running a bunch of times today (Sunday): http://www.livestream.com/vickybit

That’s it for now, see you guys around, and thanks for dropping by~!